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Site Maintenance

Maintenance for a small site may take as little as two to three hours a month. On a large site, maintenance may be a full-time job.  Experienced web developers average about US $75 per hour and up. You can save by purchasing a maintenance contract with us and receive significant discounts.
A website maintenance agreement puts you in control of your website. 
A website maintenance contract is like having your own webmaster in house.
So what does your agreement get you?
You are guaranteed a 24 hour response time weekdays. Within 48 hours on weekends. Faster in emergency situations.
This service covers site alterations, updates, repairs, ftp's, etc. This service does not apply to the actual full redesign of a site.
This service covers script installations, script repairs, database repairs and backups.
This service covers basically anything other than a full web site redesign. 
Time is charge in half hour increments  not hourly!!
You are not charged quarterly, semi yearly or yearly. This is a month to month service.


  • Level 1 Up to 4 hours of monthly web site maintenance. $150.00 / Mo.
  • Level 2 Up to 10 hours of monthly web site maintenance. $320.00 / Mo.
  • Level 3 Up to 20 hours of monthly web site maintenance. $600.00 / Mo.
  • Level 4 Up to 33 hours of monthly web site maintenance. $1000.00 / Mo.
  • Level 5 Up to 50 hours of monthly web site maintenance. $1500.00 / Mo.
  • Level 6 Up to 70 hours of monthly web site maintenance. $2000.00 / Mo.