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We offer a simple approach to script installs.
One price for all installations. $60.00 $30.00 limited time offer
That's right no sliding scale, no excuses and most of all no "well it took longer than expected". When you purchase an install there are no hidden charges.

Our installation service includes:

  • Configuring of all Script parameters.
  • Uploading of Script to your hosting account.
  • Chmodding all files and folders to allow the script to work while maintaining proper security measures.

7-day re-installation guarantee:
This service comes with a 7-day re-installation guarantee. 
If for some reason you want or need the script re-installed on the server with the same domain name, we will do it at no extra fee within 7 days after the first installation.

What To Expect From Our Service:

  • Your script will be installed within 72 hours from the time you have provided all the needed information.
  • Your script will be installed in the most secure manner possible if for any reason we suspect a security problem we will notify you before placing the script live.
  • Your script will be installed entirely to a working condition as intended by the software designers.
    • This service is for installation of the script only, if you need further customization, we can provide this at an additional price.
      Upon completion of the the install, we will prepare a text file for you containing all your login information as well as any special instructions need to access your script admin area if applicable.
      If your hosting account does not meet the script's requirements, we will work with you to have your webhost make the necessary changes if possible or suggest a hosting company that will meet your needs.
      If the script cannot be installed for some reason, we'll refund your payment in full.
      We can also suggest hosting companies that your script will operate on.