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PhpLinkDirectory Directory

phpLD is now the most widely used directory script on the internet. The users having tested the script on over 15,000 websites has allowed them to bring you a script that works in virtually all PHP hosting environments. Put simply, it just works.

Another great advantage of phpLD is the number of templates and mods available. There are complete sites devoted to mods and templates, so in addtion to this site, you will find lots of helpful information elsewhere too. There is no shortage of people available to help you find success with your directory.

They have a very active support forum where people are able to get help, discuss features, request mods, or release mods. If you have questions, you will find answers in the support forum, and we strive to answer all questions.

They are currently in version 3.1.0 of the script a new release was anticipated at the time of this post, and you are invited to take a look at the phpLD Features page to see some of the many features phpLD offers.

This information was taken from the phplindirectory home page.